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    Like many infantry battalions in the Marine Corps, 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines consists of five companies: three Rifle Companies, a Headquarters and Service Company (H&S), and a Weapons Company. The rifle companies are designed to act as maneuver elements for the battalion; with attachments they can also be employed independently for short periods of time.[3] Each rifle company ideally has six officers and 176 enlisted personnel and is typically commanded by a Captain who is assisted by a First Sergeant.[3] The three rifle companies in 3rd Battalion have traditionally been I Company, K Company, and L Company.[4] Because the Marine Corps uses the NATO phonetic alphabet, these companies are commonly known as India, Kilo, and Lima.[nb 2] Prior to 1956, under the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet, they were known as Item, King, and Love. The H&S company provides combat service support and consists of the battalion staff, including the headquarters element, communications, medical, and service platoons.[5] While not a combat unit itself, H&S provides the battalion with command and control, surveillance, target acquisition, and service support, making the battalion able to function independently without the direct involvement of a higher headquarters (unlike the companies, which have no such capabilities).[5] Weapons Company provides fire support coordination, medium mortars, anti-armor weapons, and heavy machine gun support for the rifle companies. Generally, these elements of Weapons Company are directly employed by the battalion, but may also be attached to the rifle companies.[6]

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