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    Initial campaign

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    Ross Perot appeared on the February 20 edition of Larry King Live on CNN, his fourth appearance on the show since 1991.[13] After a lively interview concerning political issues, King directly asked Perot if there was "any scenario in which [he] would run for president."[14] Perot firmly stated that he did not want to run, but spontaneously affirmed that he would begin a campaign if "ordinary people" signed petitions and helped him achieve ballot access in all 50 states.[15] He set up a phone bank at his office on March 12, staffed with volunteers to inform interested voters and supporters on how they could assist Perot's potential campaign.[16] Supporters viewed the candidate as an "action man ... who can get things done ... [and who] takes care of his people".[17] They were angry at President Bush for reneging on his promise not to raise taxes.[17] The New York Times speculated that Perot's "iconoclastic, take-no-prisoners persona and anti-politics politics"[18] would appeal to the "angry frustrated electorate".[18] But Republican consultant Karl Rove characterized Perot as an "untested wild man".[18] He rejected any financial donations for more than $5,[19] and stated that he would personally fund a potential campaign.[20] Perot spent $400,000 of his own money in the first month,[21] however, he largely spread this message via television, capped by a March 18 National Press Club speech, which aired on C-SPAN.[22]

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