Liberal welfare reforms


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    Liberal welfare reforms Empty Liberal welfare reforms

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    The Liberal welfare reforms (1906ā€“1914[1]) were acts of social legislation passed by the British Liberal Party after the 1906 General Election. It has been argued that this legislation shows the emergence of the modern welfare state in the UK.[1] They shifted their outlook from a laissez-faire system to a more collectivist approach.[2] The reforms demonstrate the split that had emerged within liberalism, between progressive liberalism and classical liberalism, and a change in direction for the Liberal Party from liberalism, in general, to a party of progressive liberalism and larger, more active government[citation needed].

    The Liberal welfare reforms took place after a Royal Commission on how the country's Poor Law provision should be altered. Two contrasting reports known as the Majority Report and the Minority Report were published, and as they differed so greatly the Liberals were able to ignore both reports and implement their own reforms. By implementing the reforms outside of the Poor Law the stigma attached to claiming relief was also removed..

    During the 1906 General Election campaign neither of the two major parties made poverty an important election issue and no promises were made to introduce welfare reforms. Despite this, the Liberals led by Henry Campbell-Bannerman won a landslide victory and began introducing wide ranging reforms as soon as they took office.[3]

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