Lindow Man and Lindow III


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    Lindow Man and Lindow III

    Post by kosovohp on Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:02 pm

    Lindow Man and Lindow III were found to have elevated levels of copper on their skin. The cause for this was uncertain as there could have been natural causes, although a study by Pyatt et al proposed that the bodies may have been painted with a copper-based pigment.[27] To test this, skin samples were taken from places likely to be painted and tested against samples from areas where painting was unlikely. It was found that the copper content of the skin of the torso was higher than the control areas, suggesting that the theory of Pyatt et al may have been correct. However, the conclusion was ambiguous as the overall content was above that expected of a male, and variations across the body may have been due to environmental factors.[28] Similarly, green deposits were found in the hair, originally thought to be a copper-based pigment used for decoration, however it was later found to be the result of a reaction between the keratin in the hair and the acid of the peat bog.[23]

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